Getting Started

I have never written a blog before, so bare with me as I am forced to do this for a class. We were asked to choose a topic that is a passion of ours that we can blog about for about 14 weeks. I chose to blog about how to experience college the healthy and right way. 

Let’s start with the background about me. I am from Ohio and now attend college in Virginia. The mountains and water were so beautiful to me, and with all the trails that you can explore, it makes it 10x easier to want to be active outside. Running, lifting, bike riding, wake boarding, walking, snowboarding, yoga, you name it. I love being active and enjoying the sunshine outside.

Unfortunately, I have a very busy schedule since I am a full time student in college. I think I am finally mastering time management though and would love to share tips that have helped me out. I know even my mom and my teachers complain about not having time to be active with a full time job, so I know my tricks could help out all ages! 

I am also allergic to gluten. Woohoo, that means no cookies, cakes, bread, pizza, pasta, etc. Hardest lifestyle change I have had to experience in my entire life. Two years ago, I found this out and I am finally getting good at cooking new recipes and staying strong about not sneaking a cookie or anything. (I plan on including some recipes for my readers to try out that are simple and easy to make!)

Stay tuned for next week when I start sharing my knowledge and posting about new workouts, recipes, and advice on how to manage your crazy life but look great doing it!


-the typical college health nut


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