Pamper Yourself: GF Edition

You just began eating gluten free. Your refrigerator is completely cleared out of anything that contains gluten. When you go out to eat, you are cautious of what you order/ask questions. You know the best products and recipes to make your favorite meals.


Did you think about what you wash your face with, what make up you use, what is soaking into your hair?! Some beauty products contain gluten!!! The products you use on your skin and hair absorb into your body, causing a similar reaction to what foods could do! Here are some links to double check that your body and lifestyle are COMPLETELY free of gluten.

Next time you go to get a haircut, call ahead and make sure they have GF products for you. If they don’t, either bring your own or find a new place. Beauty products are just as important as food! It may be hard to believe, but your body may react on the outside as well if certain makeup irritates your skin. Don’t stress about it, and the next time you get ready in the morning, do a quick check on all of your products!


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