Gluten-Free Food Detector

Science is really starting to help the way people are eating.

Between the nutritional information, the research behind diseases and what you eat, and now a food detector that can detect if gluten is in the food, technology is starting to make living a little easier.

A post that my brother shared with me is that a new device will be coming out hopefully within the next year that can read the food you are eating. For me, this could really be a life saver since a lot of food has hidden ingredients.

For example, just this past weekend I was eating a delicious gluten-free sandwich that was topped with pesto, chicken, and cheese, and my mouth started to tingle. I knew I was having an allergic to reaction to something, but what? Turns out that some pesto can be made with nuts, including walnuts… that I happen to be allergic to. Just my luck. Maybe one day there will be a food scanner, or menu at restaurants that labels every single thing made in each meal.

With all the different allergies that people have – soy, milk, gluten, nuts, etc. – it would make eating out a more enjoyable experience. For me, I know it will be much easier to make a decision about what to eat the next time I go out. I know it will be on my Christmas list the second it hits the market.

But don’t just hear it from me, read this article about this amazing new product. It will truly change the way celiac and gluten intolerant people will eat out! 


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